End of this Season!

Hey, It’s Nicole. Just popping on to say I’m on a break and will return in June. I’m posting a Nurses Week GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account on 5/6 so check it out there! You all are amazing. See you in June! Nicole

An Interview with Volunteer EMT & Google Professional David Gilman

David Gilman

Today I interview Google UX Program Manager and volunteer EMT David Gilman. He opens up about how he decided to take on the volunteer EMT position, especially as a successful, adult professional. He shares what the experience has been like, to learn a new skill and what it has been like to to learn to…

The Case of RaDonda Vaught

On today’s episode I review the case of RaDonda Vaught with my fellow ICU nurse and friend, Laura Zaske. I wanted to really look at this case since it sets a legal precedent, but also because it felt like this error was too easy to make. We all could be RaDonda Vaught. RaDonda is the…