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Critical Care NP Sam Doyle on The Draw of Oncology, Staying When Things are Hard and the Life Lessons from Boxing

Today I interview Sam Doyle, a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner about how she got into oncology, what makes her stay when things are hard and her history as a boxer and the life lessons it taught her.

Sam says oncology chose her but she is drawn to it by the hope for a cure, the science and the challenge of it – and what a challenge it can be! She also is in a unique position where she is the one who delivers hard news, news nobody wants to hear and she openly discusses what that feels like. “It is a skill with a lot of emotion.”

As for what makes her stay – it is part calling, part opportunity to help people, she loves what she does and her co-workers.

Additionally, Sam boxed for a few years in her twenties at Cappy’s and she offers up some life lessons she learned that stay with her today. Everyone could use this advice.

Sam was a delight and a pleasure – always cool and funny.

I hope you enjoy this episode!


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