A Nursing Advocates Perspective on this Nursing Exodus – An Interview with Joanie Guy, RN, MSN, JD

Joanie Guy

Today I sit down with Joanie Guy RN,MSN,JD to chat about her 30 year nursing career and her business One World Nursing where she takes nurses on fabulous international trips to have fun and earn CEUs.  Joanie is also a big nursing advocate. She has spent the last 10 years in nursing leadership roles like manager, director and interim Chief Nursing Officer positions.  And with that specialized point of view, she can see easily what isn’t working within our hospital systems.  

And with that leadership experience, Joanie offers real insight into this nursing exodus and what needs to be done.  A large part of the problem is lack of leadership from nursing leaders and hospital administration.

She also posits that at this juncture the nursing collective needs to come together to make the change we want. “Nurses own the workforce, but we just don’t know it yet.” We have so much power right now, we just haven’t figured that out.

Come listen to an inspiring and motivating interview with Joanie Guy.

And maybe, you’ll want to go on one of her trips to the south of France!

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