Life as a Flight Paramedic – An Interview with Spencer Oliver, Co-host of the EMS 20/20 Podcast

Spencer Oliver

On today’s episode, I catch up with flight and ground paramedic Spencer Oliver. He is also the amazing co-host of the incredible EMS 20/20 podcast where he and his co-host, Chris Pfingsten review weekly calls sent in by their listeners. Spencer has been a a flight paramedic for six years and a paramedic for about 12 years.

On this episode, we get into how Spencer is actually doing and what is coming up for him lately. . Spencer gets into his very interesting background as a kid who grew up overseas in Bangkok, Thailand and what played out after a swift and unexpected move to the states. He also shares his career trajectory and how he got into EMS. It’s a super interesting story – one that involves a stint in standup.

This is such a great episode. We get into some nuances of our jobs and swap a few stories.

It was such an honor to have you on the show, Spencer!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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