Life After Diversion – An Interview with Registered Nurse and Recovery Coach, Tiffany Swedeen

Tiffany Swedeen

On today’s episode, I interview Tiffany Swedeen, RN and recovery coach to talk about her experience with narcotic diversion, addiction and life in recovery. Tiffany “strives to end the stigma and shame of addiction for everyone, advocating especially for healthcare providers who struggle with substance abuse.”

Tiffany shares her story with diversion and what happened to her. She never imagined that this would be her, as she identified with this image of being the “perfect ICU nurse.” It wasn’t until her addiction with vicodin took over, that she found herself getting caught diverting narcotics on the job. She very candidly talks about how things were handled, what happened with her nursing license and the requirements she had to do. And yes, there is life after getting help! It get better, she says!

Tiffany has a wealth of resources for those in need on her site Also, if you are looking for a support group, please check out She Recovers. If you are looking for help with addiction, Tiffany recommends SAMSA. If you are a nurse and need specific resources please check out

If you are struggling with addiction, please seek out help. You are not alone.

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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