Get Inspired with Cat Golden from Nurses Inspire Nurses

Today I sit down with Cat Golden, the creator and force behind Nurses Inspire Nurses – a company that supports nurses through community, merch and events.

Get ready to be inspired! Cat speaks openly about how when she was going through a particularly challenging time she created Nurses Inspire Nurses – a concept that didn’t exist before. This vision came to be when she hosted a Nurse Give Back Night and she ended up putting “Nurses Inspire Nurses” on t-shirts. The rest is history.

Trust me when I say this – you are going to want to listen to this episode. Especially, if you are feeling down, hopeless and stuck! Cat gives her wisdom on how to move through discomfort and where she derives her magic. And she offers up advice to those of us who are going through hard times right now.

Please check out Nurses Inspire Nurses! They have a free community for nurses and give 500 gifts a month to nurses in their ‘Inspire a Nurse‘ project! Plus, they have cool merch, fun events and are giving back to the nursing community all the time!

Thank YOU Cat for all that you for US!



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