Encore – To Err is Human – An Interview with Patient Safety Director, Krista Haugen on Medical Mistakes and How to Approach Them

Encore – I’m re-airing this episode because it’s an important conversation to be having in light of recent events.

Today I am thrilled to have Patient Safety Director Krista Haugen, MSN, RN, CTFE back on the show to discuss medical errors and mistakes in healthcare. She gives her insight as to why this is such a complex issue, what is just culture and shared accountability and how a facility and providers can approach mistakes. We share our own mistakes from our careers and we discuss why shame is so wrapped up in these events. She also talks about what is “speaking up” and how to think about it in regards to keeping your patients safe.

Medical errors and mistakes in healthcare are extremely important issues. We are moving away from a “blaming” culture and more to a systems approach like the “Swiss Cheese Model.” Often there are many contributing factors to why an error occurred. Check out this link to the causal map of the Titanic sinking. Hint: There wasn’t just one reason the titanic sank.

Check out this video on how we beat ourselves when we make a mistake: https://dontforgetthebubbles.com/fixing-what-once-was-broken-ross-fisher-at-dftb18/

Thank you so much for listening to this show!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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