Back at it with Flight Nurse Extraordinaire, Aries Gum

Today I sit back down with Aries Gum, Flight Nurse and Assistant Nurse Manager at Airlift NW. We catch up on his last year and any lessons learned along the way. Of course, Covid-19 has impacted his area of the medical field, as he is often transporting positive patients to a higher level of care. He describes what that is like including dealing with their acuity in flight.

Aries shares a few stories and if you listened to his first episode, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Aries gives out a few pieces of important life advice from his unique point of view – “Wear a seatbelt, don’t text and drive and get vaccinated!”

I’ll be complying.

Thanks, Aries for being on the show!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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