An Interview with Al Sarria, the ICU Murse

Al Sarria

Today I interview Al Sarria, ICU nurse and the guy behind The ICU Murse. We chat about his career trajectory and how he got into ICU nursing. Turns out, he finished his ICU orientation in 2019 in a CVICU only to have to switch to the COVID ICU in 2020, in Arizona no less. Talk about going from a population of everyone lives to everyone dies. And Al – I’m so sorry. No one should have to see that amount of death. So, we talk about how he is doing, his mental health (hooray for lexapro and therapy!) and his plans to become a Psychiatric Nurse practitioner.

Al reveals how The ICU Murse account got started and how sharing the truth about Covid made him go viral. Al often speaks our truth on social media and for that, I am so grateful. He is also making talking about mental health a priority on his platform.

Al and Christiian Letsinger (aka Redbeard RN) have a new podcast in the works call ‘You can’t make this shi(f)t up!‘ It’s not out yet, but sounds entertaining!

Thank you so much for coming on the show and for speaking your truth. Thank you for all you do for the nursing community, Al!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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