The Life Saving Gift of Organ Donation with Leah Buck, Nurse and Organ Donation Coordinator

On this episode of Found Down, I interview Leah Buck, Nurse and Organ Donation Coordinator about all things organ donation. There are currently over a 100,000 people waiting for life saving organs in the United States because this opportunity does not come as often as one would think. Today we get into why that is and the different paths for organ donation.

If you were ever curious about the complexities of organ donation, please listen in. It is definitely a very complicated but meaningful thing and it takes a village to accomplish – from the patient themselves and their families, the onsite nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, the organ donation coordinators, the surgeons and the transport crew AMONG MANY OTHERS.

A special thanks to all people who are registered donors and for the donors themselves that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. And for the families out there that already know this, organ donation can often bring so much hope in a tragic time.

This is a very important episode and I promise you will definitely learn something new. I did.

Thank you, Leah for being on the show. You are so amazing and are doing such incredible work.

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,



  1. "Aunt Paula" (Buck) Overholtzer on 02/16/2021 at 10:16 PM

    Leah Ruth Buck is my niece, a compassionate young woman of whom our entire family is very proud. Leah’s devotion to the organ transplant field would especially make her grandfather, William Buck, feel honored, recognizing that his kidney and cornea transplants helped inspire Leah’s career pathway. Leah is strong, capable, and communicative, just the kind of person we’d all wish to have on our team during a medical crisis.

    • Nicole Johnson on 02/17/2021 at 4:56 PM

      Leah is such an incredible nurse. She is an inspiration to all of us and I’m so grateful she did this interview.



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