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Accidental Tylenol Overdoses and Other Thoughts with Cam Wright, ICU Acute Care NP

On today’s episode I sit down again to talk with my friend and colleague, Cam Wright ICU Acute Care NP about a topic, near and dear to my heart – accidental Tylenol overdose or acetaminophen toxicity.

But before we delve into that topic, we clear the air about our feelings on Donald Trump contracting Covid-19. As healthcare providers, it is hard not to have some feelings about this development, his behavior and latest tweets about it so we discuss this with our honesty and colorful language.

The second half of the show we have a conversation about accidental Tylenol overdoses and the complexities behind it, as well as share some of our own stories from the bedside. Please check out this resource about acetaminophen toxicity which lists that Tylenol toxicity is responsible for 56,000 annual ER visits a year, 2600 hospital admissions and over 500 deaths. Tylenol OD is the number one reason for liver transplantation in the US annually.

If you have the time, please listen to ‘Use Only As Directed’ a This American Life podcast episode that does a beautiful job covering this topic.

Stay safe out there and remember to read your labels and use only as directed!

Hope you enjoy this one and thank you, Cam!


The thoughts expressed on this show do not represent my employer or the employer of my guests.

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