Why I am getting the Pfizer Vaccine

As an ICU nurse, I have the unique opportunity to be one of the first people getting the vaccine for Covid-19.  I am extremely excited for this opportunity and here is why I am getting it.

1. I believe in the science and I believe it is safe.  More on that later.  I’ll do a follow up post about it next week.
2. I will feel safer taking care of Covid positive patients.  It has been anxiety producing for all of us. Terrifying meets unifying.
3. I have asthma so I’d rather not risk my chances with Covid and wind up on a ventilator.
4. I want to see my family – my parents, my sister and my brother up close and personal.  I want to hug and kiss them.  (I won’t be doing this until they are also vaccinated).  My parents will hopefully be able to be vaccinated in early 2021.
5. I want us to reach herd immunity as a nation!   #herdimmunity
6. I absolutely want to travel and fly again.
7. I’d love to go to an indoor fancy dinner sometime in the future.
8. I want to go out with my friends.
9. I want to have parties again, go out dancing, hug and kiss my friends.
10. I want to go out into a bustling, crowded market.
11. I feel it’s incredibly important for us in healthcare to show that we are supportive.
12. But mostly, I want this pandemic to be over. I want people, my patients, your friends and family to stop dying of Covid-19.

For transparency, I got vaccinated at UW Medicine on 12/18 at 10:45 am and so far I’m felling good.  I experienced a little site soreness for two days after the injection and had a  headache on the day of vaccination.  I am getting my second dose on 1/6/2021!  I couldn’t be more elated.

If you want to here more about my vaccine experience and what it means to me, check out this episode of Seattle Now,  – https://www.kuow.org/stories/seattle-now-i-got-vaccinated.

Have you gotten vaccinated yet?

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,



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