Who is the host of Found Down?


Who is the host of this podcast?

Hey, what is up? I figure I would share a bit about me, my nursing career and other deets.

I’m a second degree nurse. In my mid 20s, I had a job that zapped my spirit just enough for me to wake up and start over. At 27, after a solo three week trip to the Yucatan, I came back focused and determined to go back to nursing school. I quit my job, became a cna and did night school, working on my prereqs.

I got into nursing school (UW BSN program) at the age of 30 and I remember sobbing to Rob, that I wouldn’t be done until I was 32. In the end, it didn’t matter AT ALL.

I started off in the ICU as a new grad – that was super challenging but I loved it. I found my friends and I found out I loved sick people. (Don’t judge!)

I kept that determination and took on every role possible – wound nurse, preceptor and Stat nurse (my absolute FAV job I’ve ever had). Then, I advanced to Assistant Nurse Manager.

I worked under the best leadership ever (Thanks, Kellie and Keri Ehle Nasenbeny). I did that role for 5 years but I got seriously burnt out. I took the job home with me all the time and eventually felt super stuck. I had the toughest time stepping down because I loved my colleagues, my unit and my boss and I didn’t want to let them down.

It was in Morocco with Courtney Erwin that I realized I had to leave to live the life that I wanted. I had dreams of starting a business, of changing things up and of pushing myself.

Fast forward to today. I have started two podcasts – this one and the retired Meltdown City, starting a business Unwound Retreats – a selfcare for healthcare business. I’m ACTUALLY taking nurses to Morocco this year and Mexico in March of 2022.

Nothing happened overnight, but one foot in front of the other, slowly change started happening and I started creating the life I wanted.

I have to thank everyone who has been so supportive along the way including my husband Robert Humble & sister, Amy Johnson. And my professional mentors James Swanwick, Michael Tranmer and Aaron Schlein!

Love you guys and seriously – if there is something you want to do – just f^cking do it!




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