Reflections One Year After

Reflections One Year Later

I don’t know about you, but coming back into March of 2021 has had me flooding with memories of last March - when our world totally changed overnight. My last night out in a crowded place was Chuck's Hop Shop on 3/12/2020. It was a Thursday. I remember looking around wondering if it would be the last time. Wondering how the world was going to change.

The next Monday, Governor Jay Inslee announced the lockdown.

As a nurse in the pandemic, I felt a desire to help mixed with complete anxiety and fear.

There was so much we didn’t know about Covid-19. Guidelines were changing all the time. We had no idea how pervasive the spread already was. We didn’t know it was airborne. My husband flew to Boston the week before for an architecture conference. Shortly after he arrived they canceled the event. I remember telling him to wipe down everything but I didn’t give him a mask.

I honestly thought that my in-person event would be rescheduled in April? 🤣 Laughable. I had no grasp on the enormity of it all.

I remember in the first months of lockdown, Seattle traffic disappeared. We couldn’t get an Amazon food delivery for weeks. Grocery trips felt super dodgy and so intense. We spent a ton of time in the backyard. Zoom “happy hours” became a thing. Although, most were not “happy.”

We are still here. Unfortunately, so many lives were lost and many forever changed.

We all are forever changed.

Hope is on the horizon. Vaccination rates are climbing. Rates of infections are decreasing. I have so much to be grateful for.

And we can do hard things, like Glennon Doyle says.

Are you reflecting on where you were a year ago?



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