Safe Patient Ratios, Nursing Unions and the Myth of the Nursing Shortage – An Interview with Nurse Erica and Nurse Nander of the Last Pizza Party Movement

Today I sit down with the co-founders of the Last Pizza Party Movement, Nurse Erica and Nurse Nander. This nurse advocacy movement and non profit was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Last Pizza Party is dedicated to ensuring safer workplaces for healthcare providers, safer care for patients through legislation, and educating providers on current regulations and protective strategies.” In this episode, we discuss the impact of unsafe staffing on patients and nurses, the power of unionizing and what is really going on with the “nursing shortage.”

The vision of the Last Pizza Party Movement is big, but not unachievable. But it starts with all four million nurses taking the time to care about what is happening to nurses collectively across the USA. Nurses deserve safe staffing for patient safety and our patients deserve it, too.

Be prepared to get riled up. There are three pieces of legislation that need your attention!

  1. The Safe Staffing Act that would mandate nurse to patient ratios nation wide –
  2. The Pro Act – Protecting the right to Unionize –
  3. The Workplace Violence Prevention Act for Healthcare Workers

If you want to get involved, please go the Last Pizza Party Movement website here. Follow them on instagram @thelastpizzapartymovement or on tiktok @thelastpizzapartymovement. You can join their FB group, as well.

You can follow Nurse Erica and Nurse Nander on Tiktok to stay in the know.

Thank you so much for being on the show! It was a good one!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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