Checking in about Found Down

Hey there, Today, Des Wood and I talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes with me and my thoughts on the podcast. We discuss what is going on in healthcare, our thoughts on the pandemic, and in nursing. Please help! Do you want Found Down to continue? What do YOU want from the…

End of this Season!

Hey, It’s Nicole. Just popping on to say I’m on a break and will return in June. I’m posting a Nurses Week GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account on 5/6 so check it out there! You all are amazing. See you in June! Nicole

An Interview with Volunteer EMT & Google Professional David Gilman

David Gilman

Today I interview Google UX Program Manager and volunteer EMT David Gilman. He opens up about how he decided to take on the volunteer EMT position, especially as a successful, adult professional. He shares what the experience has been like, to learn a new skill and what it has been like to to learn to…