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New York During the Covid-19 Surge with Critical Care Physician and Scientist Katherine Hisert, MD, PhD

On today’s episode, I sit down via zoom with Critical Care Pulmonologist and Scientist Katherine Hisert, MD, PhD from her home in Denver, Colorado.   She shares her experience working in New York City during the height of the surge of Covid-19 cases in April 2020.  Katie talks openly about being a physician during a pandemic, her decision to assist during a national health crisis, what is was like to be there and her takeaways about the disease.

This is a fascinating, educational and heartbreaking episode. Dr. Hisert reflects on what is going to stay with her and as we know, some of this stuff just stays forever. 

Thank you so much, Katie.

It was an honor.

I hope you enjoy this episode! You are definitely going to want to listen to this one!


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