Dealing with Uncertainty in Nursing – An Conversation about Stress, Selfcare and Finding Balance with Des Wood, Critical Care NP

Today I talk with Des Wood, Critical Care NP about how to deal with uncertainty in the ICU. We swap stories and share methods about how to stay grounded and how to survive in the land of “you never know what is going to happen”. In nursing, everything is always changing and there is so much uncertainty. We discuss how to not hang your hat on the outcome, how to set boundaries, how to ask for help and find balance when things have been hard. Carving out time for self care, doing the things you love and leaning on your colleagues can be so helpful.

Des and I are hosting the next Unwound Retreat this Wednesday. You can find out about it here. We’ll be teaching stress reduction strategies as well as practicing restorative yoga. We hope to see you there.

I’m so grateful for your friendship mentorship and leadership, Des.

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,


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